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Collection: Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv

Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv are book authors, designers and illustrators. Both were born in Ukraine in 1984, live and work in Lviv. After graduating from the Lviv National Academy of Arts the couple co-founded the creative agency Studio Agrafka, where they collaborate and create illustrated books for children and adults. The Agrafka duo received a number of awards for their work, among them are Bologna Ragazzi Award (Italy, 2014, 2015, 2018), Premio Andersen (Italy, 2019), Plaque and Honorary Mention of the Biennial of Illustration in Bratislava (Slovakia, 2017, 2012), NAMI Concours Award (Korea, 2019), Bronze medal of the Stiftung Buchkunst concours „The best book design from all over the world” (Germany, 2019), Appreciations of Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival (UAE, 2015, 2016), Global illustration Award (Germany, 2016, 2017), White Ravens list (Germany, 2013, 2014, 2016), European Design Award (Greece, 2020) and many other. 
Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv

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