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Romana Romanyshyn, Andriy Lesiv

Als der Krieg nach Rondo kam / Війна, що змінила Рондо

Als der Krieg nach Rondo kam / Війна, що змінила Рондо

War has come to the idyllic town of Rondo. Can three gentle but brave friends stop War's destruction and save their beloved home? Danko, Zirka, and Fabian live peacefully in the small town of Rondo, a magical and joyful place where even the flowers sing! Everything is perfect ... until the fateful day that War arrives. Having never experienced War, the inhabitants don't know what to do. They try to talk to it and fight it, but nothing seems to stop the spread of War's destruction and darkness. Harnessing the power of light, community, and song, Danko, Zirka, and Fabian, along with all their neighbors, must rally together to lead Rondo to victory. How War Changed Rondo reflects the darkness and pain that conflict bring and the wounds that linger long after it's over. This picture book serves as a tribute to peace, resistance, and hope.

Age - 4-9 y.o. | Paperbook - 40 pages | LanguageDE/UA | Audiobook - 36 min | Recording (Family narration) - 5 people | Dimensions - 220x290 mm
  • Romana Romanyshyn and Andriy Lesiv - Authors and Illustrators
  • Claudia Dathe and Oksana Semenets - Translators
  • Jamala- UA narrator
  • Mary Lang - DE narrator


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