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Better Time Stories

Artful Tales Workshop

Artful Tales Workshop

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Activities to engage and uplift the spirits of refugee children. If you represent a municipality, school, Ukrainian community, or organization dedicated to assisting Ukrainian refugee children, Better Time Stories offers an unforgettable Artful Tales Workshop—an opportunity to bring joy, creativity, and captivating storytelling to these young hearts and minds.

This workshop format offers a magical combination of arts and crafts, immersive storytelling, and interactive learning. It provides Ukrainian refugee children with a unique opportunity to embark on artful adventures while nurturing their creativity and imagination. During the workshop, you gift a delightful package containing 5 interactive bilingual picture books, carefully selected to captivate their imaginations. These books will transport them to enchanting worlds filled with colourful characters and exciting adventures.

Not only will the children receive a package of captivating books, but they will also receive a DIY crafts box. This special box allows kids to unleash their creativity and bring their own talking character to life. They will have the opportunity to color, craft, and personalize their unique character, fostering their artistic abilities and encouraging role-playing adventures.

What You Can Expect:

  • Expert Guidance: Each workshop is led by one or more experienced Ukrainian facilitators, ensuring a genuine and empathetic connection.
  • Creative Freedom: We supply all necessary art materials, enabling every child to fully engage in the crafting process.
  • Joy Beyond the Workshop: Post-workshop, children receive goodies to take home, along with drinks and snacks to enjoy during the event.

Tailored to Your Needs: Prior to the workshop, our facilitators will connect with you to understand any specific needs or requirements, ensuring a personalized and impactful experience.

When you partner with Better Time Stories for an Artful Tales Workshop, you're choosing to bring a wave of joy, creativity, and immersive storytelling right to your doorstep. Ideal for municipalities, schools, Ukrainian communities, and organizations dedicated to enriching the lives of Ukrainian refugee children, our workshops are designed to uplift spirits and spark imagination. We make it simple for you: just gather the children, secure a location with tables and chairs, and we'll handle everything else. From the moment we arrive, we bring an all-inclusive experience to your chosen venue, ensuring a hassle-free and memorable event for everyone involved.

A Personal Touch of Kindness: To ensure every child receives the full benefit of the Artful Tales Workshop, we kindly request you to secure a donation gift package for each participating child or sibling set. These specially curated packages are more than just gifts; they are a vital part of the workshop experience, designed to extend the joy and creativity beyond the event itself.

A Gift that Gives Back: By choosing an Artful Tales Workshop, you're not just providing an unforgettable experience for children; you're also supporting the livelihoods of Ukrainian teachers and mothers displaced by conflict.

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