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Tania Stus was born in the Luhansk region in a family of teachers and is a writer and reading enthusiast, a critic and an art manager. She is the author of a series of works for children, as well as a considerable number of articles, scientific publications and literary reviews. She is a manager of The BaraBooka. Children's Reading Laboratory (a project launched to support reading among Ukrainian children); an expert and co-founder of Reytynh Krytyka (The Critic’s Rating), a rating of books for children and teenagers; finally, she is a panel member at various awards and ratings in children’s literature (Dzhury, Koronatsia Slova, Knyzhka Roku, Velykyi Yizhak, etc.) Apart from this, she is also an author of the intensive program in literary education for children and teenagers. As she put it herself, “I’m making up stories, because I love giving names to characters and then animating them. And I also love explaining complicated things with simple words.” Her major works include Pannochka (A Missy), Yak ne Zablukaty v Pavutyni (How not to Get Lost in the Spiderweb), Bila, Synya ta Inshi (White, Blue and the Rest), Yizhak Vilʹhelm (Wilhelm the Hedgehog), De Oyra? (Where’s Oyra?), Pysmonavtyka (Writernautics), Moya Ba (My Gran, available on oura catalogue), Riz(d)ni Liudy (Different Dear People), etc. Her book Wilhelm the Hedgehog is the winner of the literary award Ukrainska Knyzhka Roku (Ukrainian Book of the Year) as the Best Contributor to Children’s Education, and is featured in our catalogue as well. Tania Stus’ works are part of the school programme in Ukrainian literature.
Tania Stus

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