Brighten up the lives of Ukrainian refugee children

  • "Better Time Stories", makes it possible for Olivia to hear her dad's voice when she goes to sleep at night, even when they're apart.

    "Before we fall asleep we listen to his voice and fall asleep more safe, more quiet," she said.

  • Connecting families, separated by war, with a night time message. Millions of children have been separated from their dads by the war in Ukraine but with the help of an interactive story app, the bedtime ritual can continue.

  • Can you hear me?
    With "Better Time Stories," Ukrainian children can have their loved ones read to them from afar.

  • "No ordinary childhood for Ukrainian children"
    At the Frankfurt Book Fair, Olena Selenska presented the "Better Time Stories" book project, which aims to give Ukrainian children a piece of their homeland.

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