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Katerina Sad

Eine tierisch gute Idee / Ідея на мільй000000н!

Eine tierisch gute Idee / Ідея на мільй000000н!

When a farm loses its owner, a flock of ducks living there start thinking about their future. The ducks decide to write an advertisement, stating that they are looking for a new owner, but since they can’t write, they have to learn to do so. You can discover whether the ducks achieve their aim by flipping through the picture book The Milli000000n-Dollar Idea by Katerina Sad together with your child. Through this wonderful and humorous story, readers will learn what a successful start-up is and that there is always a way out of a difficult situation.

Age - 3-7 y.o. | Paperbook - 32 pages | LanguageDE/UA | Audiobook - 13 min | Recording (Family narration) - 5 people | Dimensions - 220x290 mm
  • Katerina Sad - Author and Illustrator
  • Ganna Gnedkova and Peter Marius Huemer - Translators
  • Gorbunov Yuriy - UA narrator
  • Doris Schmidauer - DE narrator


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